It’s late…

July 28, 2004

But I figured I’d just say hi. Sorry for not writing in about a week.
Work’s been rough, I was sick on Monday, somehow I managed to get an infected toe (which of course rocks when you’re wearing boots all day…), and I’ve been way too busy in general.
Promise I’ll write something for real soon.
If you haven’t seen I, Robot, go for it. Will Smith is really good, and if you forget that there was actually a book called I, Robot, you might even enjoy it.


Amazing how fast the time goes…

July 21, 2004

During the week, my schedule looks a lot like this:
-Get up around 6:00am.
-Shower, shave, general morning stuff.
-Check mail.
-Out the door to work.
-At work at 7:00-8:00am, depending on how the email thing goes…mainly work e-mail.
-Work until 4:30pm-5pm. If I have to go back to the office after finishing on site, I work until 6-6:30pm.
-Come home, check mail.
-Deal with work mail. Usually finish around 7-8pm.
Play games, eat dinner, watch a movie…something…until 9:45pm.

Repeat until Friday.
You can see that this ends up being pretty tiring, and not a whole lot of time for me to decompress. I’d like more time to play games, go out to dinner, hang out with friends, whatever…but I just can’t seem to muster the energy to do so.
Construction is usually pretty dirty work…and I’m not actually doing the work. Just walking around all day in spaces that are over 85 degrees, in boots and jeans, carrying a heavy pack filled with parts, tools, a submittal (basically the plan for what we’re building,) water, pens, clipboard, plans, etc….all through spaces where they’re sheetrocking, painting, cutting, welding, whatever…and you get pretty dirty and pretty tired. My feet hurt.
If it seems like I’m complaining, I’m really not. I’m really more explaining why I don’t go out more or do more stuff…I just can’t muster the energy to do so. I should do my laundry tonight…but I probably won’t. I should clean my kitchen…I probably won’t. I should clean out more of my closets…but I probably won’t. I want to update my site, update this site graphically/layoutwise, design more t-shirts, watch the DVDs I rented from Netflix, go out to dinner. You guessed it…I probably won’t.
What I will probably end up doing, is ordering dinner from somewhere, reading the submittal to familiarize myself with two complicated floors that are running late, MAYBE pop in a DVD for a bit, then pass out and attack work tomorrow.
A day in the life, huh?


July 17, 2004

2 more garbage bags. 2 boxes.
In this batch:
– All my Hong Kong bills/papers. (Again, saved a few.)
– A batch of magazines of various gaming types.
– A mess of old menus.
– More miscellaneous wires, cables, and adaptors that will never be missed.
– Some old t-shirts, completely thrashed and will never fit me again.
Time for a break. I need some food.
Oh, and I ordered a couple of cases of Diet Coke in those cool old-fashioned 8oz. glass bottles. Because summer is better with those.


July 17, 2004

Two more garbage bags. 4 Boxes of stuff gone.
In this batch:
– All my bills/paperwork from London. (Saved a few mementos…)
– Assorted junk.
– All my paid bills for the last 3 years, except my Tax info and pay stubs.
– 2 empty computer boxes.
– Game documentation for old PS games that were printed off a computer and bound.
– Several 220v UK power cords/adaptors.

More coming….

It begins…

July 17, 2004

Mood: Industrious.
Music: None.

4 large garbage bags, and counting.
Thus far, I’ve gotten rid of:
– A JC Penney Catalog. (This year’s. I’m not THAT bad.)
– 4 speakers from a 5.1 dolby system that no longer works.
– 2 modem cards that only worked in Europe.
– A set of sheets for a twin bed (that I haven’t had in over 10 years.)
– Empty lego boxes. (Yes, I kept the Legos. I’m not that ruthless.)
– Assorted straps from bags long gone.
– Several ESPN magazines.
– Manuals, warranties, and other assorted computer junk paperwork.
– Lots more.
More as it develops…


July 16, 2004

Mood: Chillin’.
Music: I Quit, Manson.

So, Friday dawns. Hooray.
This weekend is a cleaning weekend. I’ve decided to attack my closets with vigor and remorselessness. I want to get rid of a ton of junk I’ve been shlepping around from continent to continent…and have no real use for.
I have a mess of computer gear…cases, keyboards, mice, speakers, hard drives, various ROMs, RAM…and I’m gonna chuck most of it. If you want it, speak up, or it’s all going. And no, I’m not selling it on EBay. Ain’t worth the effort.
You know what I DO have that might be worth something to someone is a set of Calzone cases. Modem bought them for shipping hardware down to Atlanta for the Olympic Games. One is for a Mac Tower and Keyboard, also holds mice and cables, and one is for a 17″ monitor. The monitor case has wheels. They’re custom made and are Modem Media (Sorry…Digitas…) Blue. I ended up with them when someone said “Hey…we don’t need these any more…might as well throw them out.” They’re way cool.
Anyway, I’m IMing jhhg now, and mentioned the cleaning. She says she always loves the feeling of cleaning…that it’s cathartic. I, on the other hand, always feel vaguely nauseous when I throw out “perfectly good stuff.” Like 20GB hard drives. Why would you throw them out? They’re perfectly good drives! Someone might need them!
Though, thinking about it, she has a point. I really should just clean it all out. She says it’ll make me feel better. I get chills just thinking about trashing all that stuff.
Hell, I’ll just do it. What’s the worst that can happen? I need to get more stuff?

The more I think about it…

July 12, 2004

Mood: Hungry.
Music: Les Portes du Souvenir, Les Nubians.

I really want to move to Brooklyn.
Those of you who know me are probably pretty surprised by that statement. But truthfully, I think I want to be someplace more neighborhoody, more space, pay less money, and if I can pull off having a deck with a barbecue, I am going to be a VERY happy camper.
I want a hammock on my deck. I want a washer and dryer in my apartment. I want a real grocery store nearby. I want new restaurants and new places to shop. Heck, I just basically want new experiences.
Don’t get me wrong…I still love Chinatown and my apartment and view and neighborhood and such…I just want something new. And the fact that I hope it’ll save me a ton of money will help.
Think I’ll start looking next month. Not sure I should really look before, say, September. But at least I’ll see what’s out there.