You know…

August 28, 2004

Mood: Sleepy.
Music: The Sun Always Shines on TV, a-ha.
I had all these things I wanted to write about, but when I got started, I kind of didn’t want to write about them any more.
I made a thai chicken curry for dinner tonight, and it was yummy.
Yesterday was Colin’s birthday, and we went to this bar, and I had a mojito…which I’m discovering I like.
Today, I cleaned the house…washed the floors, cleaned the tub, vacuumed…all that stuff. My house is actually clean. Tomorrow, I will do laundry. Woohoo.
I’m looking forward to playing the stress-test of World of Warcraft. I’m actually dying to play the game itself…but whatever.
The beta of Counter-Strike:Source is OK. Not too bad. I’m still leery of the aiming…I think the bullet physics are a bit wonky. And of course, too much hopping around and shotgunning. Hey, it’s CS.
And now, bed. Because I’m sleepy. What I really want is a Swiss Fudge Cookie. But instead, I will crawl into bed and pass out.


Home sick.

August 24, 2004

Mood: Sick!
Music: Wild World, Maxi Priest

I’m home sick today.
I went to bed at a reasonable hour. I ate dinner last night. I slept OK…not great, but OK.
Mainly, I’m just worn out. I’m sore, my nose is stuffed up, and my head, while not the usual slam-pounding headache I sometimes get in the mornings, feels heavy and vaguely weird. My throat is really sore (although I think that’s just from breathing construction dust.) My eyes are sore. I know that sounds weird.
I got up at 5am this morning, and felt so bad that I re-set my alarm to 6am, and went back to bed. I knew I was in trouble when I slept through that.
Anyway, I got up at around 7:15am to the chirp of my Nextel and basically decided that I felt too bad to go in today.
I know it’s only Tuesday, but I think a day off my feet, just hydrating myself, relaxing, maybe watching a movie will put me back in the game.
I can’t afford to miss much work, really…I need to keep this project moving. It’s true that we kind of got it back on track…but it would be good if we could land this with no more of what we went through in the last two weeks.
Maybe I’ll write more later.

Sunday Night, 2:37am.

August 23, 2004

Mood: Tired, sort of.
Music: 10:15, The Cure.

I know I’m supposed to be asleep. I even went to sleep at 8:45pm so that I could wake up at 5am.

Unfortunately, my body doesn’t like it when I go to sleep that early. It thinks it’s a nap. So now, I’m awake at 2:30am.

I woke up at around 11:30pm. My fookus called me, and I was SO glad to hear from her. She has been super busy with her Faire and work and such, and I hadn’t spoken to her in a week. She’s coming to visit in two weeks, so that’s REALLY cool. I’m very very excited.

Anyway, I’ve decided to let folks know what I do when I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep. (And no, it won’t be perverted and weird. Sorry. Get your jollies elsewhere.)

11:45pm – Cut up that honeydew melon that’s been sitting in my fridge for too long. I think it’s a little soft, but it was still tasty. I cut up the whole thing, threw most of it in a Ziploc container (I love those…) and threw that in the freezer. I’ll probably make sorbet out of it.

12:15pm – I check on how my download of CS:CZ is going. I signed up for Steam, and I bought Counterstrike. I know, I know. But I was bored, and Steam looked really cool. I like the idea of it. I spend some time fiddling around with settings and stuff.

12:35pm – I reply to an email that BoosterMPS wrote me in regards to a rules/etiquette/terms of service doc that he’s been writing for It seems like life has pretty much caught up with the GTDB crew, and we’re not paying attention to the site the way we used to, unless it screams for attention. Neglectful parents. Sad.

12:50pm – I read the news (today oh boy….) The US lost to Lithuania in basketball. Lithuania. There are more people in the US who play Basketball DAILY than live in the entire country of Lithuania. I have no idea who chose this team (and I use this term loosely,) but they need to be shot. Right after the players who were invited to come and decided not to participate. Folks, I understand not wanting to join the Armed Services…I, myself, am opposed to putting holes in people from extremely long distances in real life. But if and when my country asks me to represent them, I go. I spent about 5 years out of the US…and I like to think that I represented my company and country with a certain amount of class. And hopefully, I was able to change some people’s opinions of Americans for the better. Whatever. All you players who make millions of dollars a year to play a game and turned down a chance to represent their country should be ashamed of yourselves. Yeah, right. Like Shaquille O’Neal reads my blog.

1am: I decide that I’ll have a little snack. I reheat the spicy shrimp lo mein I have the fridge and chomp it down while drinking Diet Coke from a glass bottle. Is there anything better than frosty cold Diet Coke in a glass bottle? Yes…but not beveragewise.

1:15am: I am an whore. I read it constantly. I have to admit I miss Ralph Wiley.

1:30am: I decide to finally install the memory in my new Dell 1700n printer. I like it. 25ppm, black and white laser for about $250. Can’t beat that. Takes me 15 minutes to look around on the web before I pick up the User Manual sitting on my desk that has the instructions for installing the memory right there on page 17. Sometimes, folks, it’s easier to RTFM than look online. Memory goes in with no trouble.

1:45am: I surf for a bit, bored. I debate finally watching Throne of Blood…and decide against it. Macbeth is heavy watching when you’re fully awake. Especially in Japanese. When you’re tired and should be asleep? Bad choice.

2:00am: I straighten up my desk area, including dusting around my computer. I did it earlier today, but I missed a few spots.

2:15am: I read a few of the blogs that I read occasionally, and finally decide to update my blog.

2:37am: I begin updating my blog.

I think this is a pretty cool chronology of puttering. I even liked writing it.

Of course, I’ll regret it at 5am. Oh well.

Tempus Fugit

August 20, 2004

Mood: Busy!
Music: Burning Down The House, Talking Heads.

Time flies.
Seeing my nephew Ethan tomorrow, and I am very excited about that.
Ethan is almost a year old, which means it’s about time to buy him his first Rangers game sweater.
More tomorrow, after I get back!

Limewear, baby!

August 13, 2004

Mood: HAPPY!
Music: Love Will Tear Us Apart, Joy Division.
Today, I sold FOUR shirts through, AND I managed to sell 240 uniform shirts which are being printed next week!
Now all I need to do is sell about a million more shirts and I can retire!
Help me out! Buy shirts! Tell your friends!
Speaking of friends, my friend Pauline, who has the distinction of being an Art Director at White Wolf, would like everyone to know that on Friday, 20 August, they are releasing Vampire: The Requiem, the long awaited (and needed) next generation of Vampire: The Masquerade. Please go to their launch party site and try to get to one of them and support the launch. Buy several copies of the book. Meet bizarre people who think they’re vampires. We are very proud of Pauline.
And no, Pauline does not think she’s a vampire. Although she gets very amused by people who think they are…and a little creeped out.

Now normally…

August 7, 2004

Mood: Pretty happy, actually.
Music: NWA – Greatest Hits.
I don’t respond to comments…because basically it’s not fair. I can edit theirs and respond at will, and they can’t edit mine.
But I don’t want folks to think I’m not reading the comments…because I am, and it’s actually really gratifying to know that people are reading this, and care enough to write something back. So:
Paul: You’re right. I forgot all about it. I started it up again just for you.
Andy: While I’ve been seriously jonesing for a new FPS, and I admit I’m playing it more than I care to admit just because it’s new and because I need FPS goodness, it’s somewhat less than satisfying. There aren’t huge onslaughts of these things…and when there are, my machine chugs along like it’s a 286. Performance is getting slightly better…but I’ve set the thing down to like “Stupid computer mode” which is still a less than year old Alienware. Doom may be your bitch…but I tend to think you’re John Carmack’s bitch. Love ya.
Fookus: Love you! Have a great time at the Faire!
Maria: Yes, anything is better than Dubya…but not always much better. How do you run a campaign on a platform of “I’m not Bush?”

Now, back to our regularly scheduled blogging:
Can I just say that I love FreshDirect? I haven’t ordered out in almost two weeks. I’ve discovered that by having food in the house, I’m much more likely to cook dinner than order too much food that isn’t good for me. And it’s cheaper, of course. And I’m a pretty good cook, actually.
Today, for lunch, I think I’m going to have a lamb salad with soy-ginger viniagrette. Easy enough to make, plenty healthy, and very tasty.

By the way…

August 5, 2004

I’ve added some new designs to my Limewear website. I think the new I Vote design really rocks.
If you’re a videogamer, you should probably like them.
Check ’em out. Buy several hundred.