Where does all the time go?

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OK…so I kept meaning to update this…but every time I sat down to do it, something else called my name.
Lately, this has been the Stress Test of World of Warcraft. Oh boy, do I love this game. I will be playing it lots and lots. It is WAY fun. Mainly quest oriented, and the tradeskill system is fun and useful. Very little grinding necessary, and definitely possible to solo and play for short periods of time.
But instead of discussing all that, I would like to discuss the pros and cons of getting on a subway car with no air conditioning.
It’s been decent weather in NYC, but it hits 85 or 90 occasionally…but probably (hopefully) won’t until next summer again. But that doesn’t really matter on a subway car or on a platform.
Once it gets hot, the platforms and subway cars (without AC) quickly hit 90-115 degrees, depending on the station and how hot it is outside. And it stays that way. When it reaches high 90s or 100 degrees in NYC, the platforms are easily 110 degrees with no air movement until the subway arrives. Frankly, it’s more than a bit oppressive.
Now, it hasn’t been quite that hot, so the platforms, while still pretty warm, aren’t incredibly hot.
However. On the way home from work today on the downtown 1, a train pulled in, and it was mostly empty. Anyone who’s lived in NY for any length of time can tell you that when that occurs in the summer, either someone’s done something pretty nasty in the car, or there’s no AC. Personally, I’ll at least check it out.
See, I don’t mind if there’s no AC in the car, usually. I can tolerate heat for a bit, and there’s always a seat…something in short supply, especially during rush hour. Also, cars that warm tend to be VERY quiet, aside from people grumbling to themselves or complaining about the heat…which beats screaming people and such…especially after a long day at work.
Obviously, the cons are that it’s freaking HOT in that car. In this case, it was easily a humid 100 degrees. I was sweating pretty good. Which, if you’re usually pretty clean and use deodorant, it’s no big deal. Of course, not everyone has that level of personal hygiene in NYC. Which, I’m sure, comes as a shock to no one.
However, tonight, it was just hot, no noise, no odors. Just a fairly quick ride in 100 degree heat. And a seat during rush hour.
Overall, aside from the fact that it was 7:30pm, it wasn’t a bad trip home.
Even if my fookus wasn’t there tonight like she was last night. I miss her already.


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