Oh, hey…

September 20, 2004

Mood: Sheepish
Music: Right Here, Right Now, Ice Cube and Paul Oakenfold

I guess I still have a blog. Sorry about that. We’re back now.
Just got back from Detroit, visiting my brother, his wife, and my nephew. I think it goes without saying that my nephew, who will be a year old in a few weeks, is one of the coolest babies on the planet.
Anyway, work’s been hectic, and the site’s been irritating my nose, ears, and throat, so that I’m walking around sounding like I have a cold…but I don’t. It’s just irritation due to sound, dust, and other usual construction irritants. It’s really starting to bother me. Throat’s more sore than usual, and when I wake up, I sound like I’ve eaten a bowl of gravel.
I’m playing Fable, CoD:UO, and I got into the beta for Jump to Lightspeed, which is the expansion for Galaxies. As usual, no time to play everything, especially with the hours I’m working.
Fable is glorious. Lots of fun, open ended, but not non-directed like Morrowind. Graphics are lovely, sound is excellent, control is a bit quirky, but can be overcome. Lots of nice little exploration thingies.
CoD:UO is as fun as I expected. The new multiplayer has changed significantly. Add vehicles, and it’s a new game.
The beta for Jump to Lightspeed only has one thing that interests me…making ships. The way that it looks right now, it’s gonna be major grinding, then selling ships the same way I sell houses. The problem is that with the number of points it’s gonna take to master it, I’m going to have to dump tailor. Oh well.
More tomorrow…if I can swing it. Sorry for the long hiatus. I’ll try to focus more.