OK…now I’m ticked.

Mood: Ticked…don’t you read?
Music: NOT anything played at a Rangers Game.
OK…as of this moment, I am supposed to be at a Rangers-Islanders hockey game. Preseason, to be sure…but I would be there, probably with my cousin Chris, and we would be getting ready for what promises to be a fun night of hockey, and revel in the fact that our favorite time of year has arrived.
Instead, I am sitting at home, wondering why the hell I bothered to scrounge and save up $3200 for hockey tickets for the undoubtedly cancelled season.
Not only are they not currently attempting to negotiate to end this ludicrous situation…they don’t even have scheduled dates as to when they’re going to START negotiating.
Here’s the deal, folks: Owners want cost certainty? Then don’t fucking pay people what you’re paying them. In no business, except for sports, is there an agreement that you will limit the amount you can spend on your employees. WITH YOUR COMPETITORS no less. It’s absurd. The owners can’t police themselves, so they need to collude in order to ensure that they don’t run off and make themselves bankrupt. I’m sorry…does this seem ridiculous to anyone?
Sure, you could argue that larger or better located teams could spend more money than other teams, and so it’s not inherently fair. Newsflash: Sports is a business. If you think you can recover your costs, pay your players what you want. Lord knows it doesn’t guarantee a winning team. The Rangers certainly know that.
So instead of me sitting in section 341, being REALLY happy about my season tickets, and watching the Rangers pre-skate, I am sitting at home, venting my spleen, and being fucking pissed at the whole situation.
Yes, I’ll always be a Rangers fan. But someone’s gonna have to make this up to a lot of angry fans. Myself definitely included.


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