Why I should go out more.

Mood: Pretty Happy, really.
Music: Love in an Elevator, Aerosmith

Last night, I went to dinner with Ad, the lovely and eternally busy Jenny Lee, Landry, and her SO Liz. It should be said that I had a great time.
First, we went to Red Cafe in Park Slope. In spite of heading to Brooklyn instead of staying in Manhattan as planned, it was, to say the least, mighty tasty. Next, I had never met Liz, in spite of having read Landry’s blog in which she’s written.
Next, allow me to say that between all four of them, I was laughing most of the night. Liz is very funny. I won’t go into the whole coffee mug thing, but it was good for an underlying theme for the evening.
Anyway, we all had a great time, and we swore to do it again soon…and maybe we even will. That would be cool.


2 Responses to Why I should go out more.

  1. Paul says:

    Good to see the updates flowing again.

  2. landry says:

    i had a blast
    …and apparently a bite of filet mignon
    and you were there to witness it.
    i heart the liz show too!

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