The Week In Review

October 5, 2005

Mood: Tired. Sleep. Wake. Sleep. Wake. Forgot how to sleep…
Music: Ch-Ch-Check It Out, Beastie Boys.
Game: World of Warcraft, America’s Army, Puzzle Pirates.
Book: Dune, Frank Herbert.
Muffin: Raspberry-Sweet Plum.

OK…Serenity rocks. You should go see it if you haven’t. And you should buy the boxed set.

My cousin got married to a first lieutenant in the Army on Saturday. I was there. I have proof.

I need a new suit. The old one doesn’t fit quite like it used to….

On Sunday I was supposed to go to the storage place and start chucking stuff like mad. Unfortunately, I couldn’t motivate myself to even leave the house…at least until about 7pm, when I ran out to go see Corpse Bride with Jenny Lee. And had yummy Italian afterwards. Was somewhat disappointed with the music and story, but the animation, design, and voice talent was fabulous. Still worth seeing. And at under 80 minutes, it’s a short one.

Monday, I let my boss know that I might, in fact, be handing in notice. I explained that my trip to Seattle was, in part, to have a discussion with Chelsea about either her moving here, or me moving there. I feel fairly certain she won’t be moving, given the conversations we’ve had…but I will ask anyway. Given the choice between Chelsea or my job, it’s not even a choice, now is it? Especially given how work’s been over the past year.

Anyway, he wasn’t overly happy…but then again, he acknowledged that he was grateful that I gave him sufficient notice to think about the situation, and decide what the best course of action would be, given the circumstance.

He mentioned that they were already looking at overhead costs, and were thinking about cutting costs in a few months. Me, being a big chunk of overhead, I understood what that meant. Looks like I may be making things easy on everyone.

The factors forcing my hand:
– My lease is up at the end of November.
– My boss is going on vacation for two weeks starting the day before I come back from Seattle.
– If I am to move to Seattle, I will need to move the third-fourth week of November, and if I waited to discuss all this with him when he got back from vacation, I would effectively be giving him two weeks notice.

Now, add in the fact that I might not have a job in January, and my decision’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?

So I guess I’m moving to Seattle at the end of November. Better get moving on timelines and plans. Look for a job and a place in Seattle when I get out there next week.

And yesterday, since it was the first day of Rosh Hashanah, my bosses weren’t in the office…which made it a good day to work at home, and actually get some process documentation written. If I’m off to Seattle in a few weeks, I’d better finish up what I’d started, right?

And all of this going on has wrought no small amount of havoc with my sleep schedule. I’ve been catching naps after work. I’ve been sleeping in two hour stretches and waking up, unable to get back to sleep. I haven’t been motivated to do much.

Just nerves, I suppose. But whatever the case…time to buckle down and get back to it.

More on plans and schedules and dates as I work them out.