Where’s Waldo?

October 13, 2005

Mood: A bit sore, but great!
Music: How You Remind Me, Nickleback
Game: World of Warcraft, America’s Army, Puzzle Pirates.
Book: Pattern Recognition, William Gibson.
Muffin: No breakfast yet…

OK…so here I am, in Seattle.

I’ve found a new apartment. 2 bedrooms, fireplace, huge deck, view of the water…it’s great. Nice neighborhood in West Seattle, near public transportation, restaurants, and shops. Oh, and it’s about half the cost of the apartment I’m living in now, did I mention that?

I gave notice to my boss two days ago. He didn’t sound overly upset…he sounded like he knew it was coming. As well he probably should have. I guess I was pretty much exuding the vibe, you know?

Today, while Chelsea is working, I’m going to take a walk in the rain a bit, head over to Qwest Field, buy myself a Seahawks sweatshirt or something, head over to the ID (International District) and get some lunch, then maybe head back over to Pike Market, and pick up a few gifty things for folks back in New York.

I’m nervous, and excited. New place to live, new people to meet, new job. Speaking of, if anyone knows anyone in Seattle who’s hiring, let me know.

So I head back to New York on Sunday, and I’ll let my landlord know I’m not renewing my lease, start packing up, start selling a ton of stuff. Books, MK II Machine, Heat Press, Furniture, Hardware…the more I sell, the less I have to move.

As I’ll have an address as of November 1, I’ll start forwarding magazines, bills and such.

Looks like I’ll head out there just before Thanksgiving. And maybe I’ll head to Florida for a few days to visit mom and the grandparents.

It’s a bit chilly out today, with a drizzle. I’ve been told to expect it.

And where does one buy a gas grill? I’ve never bought one…Home Depot?

Lots to do. Clock is ticking.