Still going….

Mood: Vaguely damp.
Music: It Ain’t Easy, David Bowie
Game: World of Warcraft, Puzzle Pirates, Hopefully COD2 this week….
Book: Special Forces, Tom Clancy.
Muffin: Banana-Blackberry (and I don’t really like banana…but I had to eat something.)

Last night was a lazy one. I made yummy grilled tuna over salad with a tasty ginger vinaigrette…then tried to run with a pickup group to the Live Side of Stratholme…except that the group I was with had people constantly going AFK, one guy with stupid lag, a cowboy, and people who insisted it was OK to pull large groups with no mana. After the 6th time dying, I finally told them I appreciated the group, but I needed to go.

I ended up chewing through 2 quick quests with Thorn and Smitty…but they were exhausted for some reason, and I ended up finishing up playing at around 9:30pm. So I simply shut off the computer, climbed into bed, and turned off all the lights.

The wind and rain last night was so harsh, that it sounded like someone was flinging handfuls of pebbles against my windows. I suppose I really should take my in-window air conditioner out…a lot of the noise was rain on thin metal. It’s also had the added effect of making it somewhat chilly in my bedroom, not that I’m complaining. I actually sleep better when it’s cold, and my computer certainly isn’t complaining about the temperature any more.

Aaaand…a quick check of UPS tells me that my new video card is on the truck ready to be delivered to work. Excellent. I can get home tonight, rip out that piece of ATI slag I have pushing pixels right now, install some drivers, and revel in glorious 3D splendor just before I run through Scholomance with some of the fellas.

Oh, I didn’t mention it before. Chelsea bought a new car…a Scion tC and it has a little doohickey where you plug your iPod into the stereo system…it’s very slick. So naturally, she and I have what I would diplomatically call “differing musical tastes.” That is, I haven’t listened to very much new music in the last 10 years, and she has no patience for most of my music. So with all the time we spent in the car looking for apartments, we were both very cool about switching iPods every now and again.

It should be mentioned, however, that when I first connected my iPod to the Scion, I mentioned something that I thought it was funny. I was buying music on iTunes (sort of my guilty vice…my friends keep buying me small gift certificates on iTunes (I can only guess it’s in the hopes that I actually get some decent music….)) and I like to look through the Essentials playlists that they put together on the store. While I was looking through them, I realized that I had well over half of the songs on the “Gay Essentials Playlist.” Which Chelsea found amusing.

I’m not certain who decided that 80s Electronica/New Wave like Erasure, Bronski Beat, Depeche Mode, Yaz/Alison Moyet, Berlin, and Talk Talk were “essentially gay,” but there you have it. It is certainly true that a good chunk of my collection is 80s and early 90s New Wave. In any case, at that point, I connected the iPod, and put Smalltown Boy on the car stereo. So she said, laughing, “Is it time for “Old Glenn’s Big Gay Playlist” now?” Whereupon I decided that yes, yes it WAS time for Old Glenn’s Big Gay Playlist.

I think tomorrow, I will assemble said playlist, and you can all dance your asses off.

And to get you started, you can listen to Bizarre Love Triangle, by New Order.


3 Responses to Still going….

  1. Firethorn says:

    The line:
    I realized that I had well over half of the songs on the “Gay Essentials Playlist”

    Made me laugh. And then I realized I, too, have that music as well.

    Wanna cuddle? :)

  2. heywah says:

    Depeche Mode! Ack! That is SO gay!

  3. reg says:

    Why, she said that like it’s a BAD thing?!

    FOOey. (Sorry. Devil made me type it.)

    Does one think the world would have experienced Sigur Rós if it weren’t for Björk opening the Icelandic door in the 80s?

    Furthermore, what in the world would the likes of Beck and Yonderboi do sans 80s fodder with which to mix?

    Viva the über cool disenfranchised 80s teens. “Viva! Roxy Music.” “Viva Hate.” (great albums)

    [I reckon my more contemporary examples could also be construed as gay, but that’s beside the point…]

    I’d offer to dance with you, but it appears you’ll be busy cuddling with your [ahem] “friend.” Perhaps when you’re done… :p

    Looking forward to reading your list of euphonies.


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