Old Glenn’s Big Gay Playlist

October 26, 2005

Mood: Irked, but whatever.
Music: This whole blog entry, fool.
Game: World of Warcraft, Puzzle Pirates, Hopefully COD2 today….
Book: Special Forces, Tom Clancy.
Muffin: Actually, I had a bagel.

Below, find the first cut of Old Glenn’s Big Gay Playlist…I had some criteria when I made this:

– All songs must currently be found in the iTunes shop (So you all can run out and buy the songs when you say “Oh YEAH! I want that!”)
– I must actually own said music.
– It has to be more than 10 years old! (Of course, I may have fudged or forgotten actual years…after all, I AM old.)
– It had to have been played in dance clubs (or remixed to be played in dance clubs, or SHOULD have been played in dance clubs.)

This obviously isn’t complete…that is, I have far, far more music that would fit on this list…but this is a good amount of music to get started with…let’s call it: Old Glenn’s Big Gay Playlist – The Basics

Oh, and they’re not in any particular order…this list is designed to get thrown on an iPod and shuffled.

Everybody Dance Now!