Old Glenn’s Big Gay Playlist

Mood: Irked, but whatever.
Music: This whole blog entry, fool.
Game: World of Warcraft, Puzzle Pirates, Hopefully COD2 today….
Book: Special Forces, Tom Clancy.
Muffin: Actually, I had a bagel.

Below, find the first cut of Old Glenn’s Big Gay Playlist…I had some criteria when I made this:

– All songs must currently be found in the iTunes shop (So you all can run out and buy the songs when you say “Oh YEAH! I want that!”)
– I must actually own said music.
– It has to be more than 10 years old! (Of course, I may have fudged or forgotten actual years…after all, I AM old.)
– It had to have been played in dance clubs (or remixed to be played in dance clubs, or SHOULD have been played in dance clubs.)

This obviously isn’t complete…that is, I have far, far more music that would fit on this list…but this is a good amount of music to get started with…let’s call it: Old Glenn’s Big Gay Playlist – The Basics

Oh, and they’re not in any particular order…this list is designed to get thrown on an iPod and shuffled.

Everybody Dance Now!


2 Responses to Old Glenn’s Big Gay Playlist

  1. Regina says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah… It’s Old GLENN’S Big Gay Playlist, operative word being “Glenn’s.” BUT, ya know you opened up a matter begging to be critiqued.

    (This is only Volume One of your playlist. Understood.)

    And now, without further ado:

    1) Heart of Glass was late 70s (1978). Excellent song, but I don’t think it counts as 80s. The criteria “It has to be more than 10 years old…” needs a starting point/year. Otherwise, one could argue to include Ziggy Stardust/Bowie, Queen, etc. on this themed playlist. And my iPod only holds 40GB.

    2) No Sugarcubes? Quelle horreur, man!

    3) It has been empirically proven that DM’s Master & Servant SOOOO should be in the top ten of any respectable 80s big gay playlist! Yes, empirically.

    4) Ode to Boy. Yaz. ’nuff said.

    5) Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You). A Flock of Seagulls.

    6) I would lawyer Ministry’s “Land of Rape and Honey” has a rightful place on such a list.

    7) Released in 1990, thus satisfying your 10+ years benchmark, Madonna’s Vogue is quintessential Big Gay Playlist material.

    I’ll stop there for now.

    I’m inclined to add… Some of the songs on your list… well, I wouldn’t (and don’t) have them on *my* iPod. (Because I’m cool like that.) Admittedly, however, from a scholarly perspective, they do belong on the list. Good job, White.

    Finally, you’re not old! Were you to be old, I’d be old, too. And it’s an empirical fact that I’m not old. Yes, empirical. :p


  2. heywah says:

    Cindy Lauper! Ack! Jam an icepick in my forhead.

    And, at least you are older than I, old bird. And that’s permanent!

    What, no Halen? No Metallica? No Maiden?

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