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Mood: Tired.
Music: Battle Without Honor Or Humanity, Tomoyasu Hotei
Game: World of Warcraft, Puzzle Pirates, CoD2, EVE Online
Book: The Tesseract, Alex Garland.
Muffin: None.

So yesterday, my buddy ‘Phyxie (Asphyxiate, his Gamertag…his name is Andy), whom I’ve been trying to get to play WoW, basically went all counterattack on me.

Instead of him using my free 10 day WoW pass I provided, he reactivated EVE Online, and subliminally managed to get me to agree to try it. So I did. I downloaded the client, actually paid for a month (so I wouldn’t be tempted to just bail on it 20 minutes into it like I did a few years ago), and gave it a good swing.

So, like at 2:30am, I agreed it was fun enough to add to the roster.

The game is not stressful. That is, it isn’t a twitch based game, and it isn’t about having to do something exactly right in order to get to where you want to be in terms of gear or equipment.

What it IS, is a very large economically-based MMO, where you can mine, manufacture, trade, form corporations, and so on, in an incredibly huge galaxy. I had plenty of fun running about, doing a bit of mining, turning it into some quick cash, running some missions for some agents, making some more cash, upping my skills…and already setting my sights on forming a corporation and a big fricken ship.

I hate to say it, but this is kind of what I was really looking for in a game. No enforced combat to achieve. I can commerce and trade my way to where I want to be. And it IS very pretty.

What I DIDN’T need was another distraction a month before moving to Seattle. I’m already having trouble finding enough time to play WoW what with CoD recently slotted in the gameplay environment. (I’m done with the Russian campaign, I’ve finished three of the four British scenarios in that campaign (working on the 4th right now) and have finished the first American scenario in that campaign.)

Not for nothing, but if I play a fricken Ranger of the 2/75 one more time in a game…I have no idea what I’ll do. The freakin’ war lasted 6 years by any calendar. Affected MILLIONS of people. How is it that games always seem to focus on ONE freaking unit over and over again? Enough of Pointe Du Lac. I get it. It was key. How many times can I land on a nightmare beach from an amphibious landing craft to climb a cliff/dune to clear some bunkers, then spike, destroy, or blow up emplaced 88s? I assure you that this is the last time I’ve blown up an 88 in Pointe Du Lac in a single player first-person shooter.

Anyway, I suspect that I’ll be playing EVE and WoW at the same time. You know…setting stuff up in EVE, then playing WoW for an hour or so, then setting up the next thing in EVE. This could be bad….

I DID pack three boxes last night while playing EVE…so that’s not a bad thing. Like I said…the tempo/pace and enforced waiting time in EVE (due to mining, travelling, jumping…) lends itself to doing other things at the same time…at least until I’m running a corporation…..

I do need to get some stuff done other than gameplay this weekend. Let’s see if I can peel myself away from the machine to get those things done.


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