Look…I wrote another one!

December 28, 2005

Mood: Good
Music: None
Game: World of Warcraft, COD2, X360 games….
Book: The Complete Robot, Isaac Asimov.
Weather: 51, cool and clear. (or it was at 4pm…)

Today, I explored a bit more and found the post office. I needed to get my final Sales Tax return in for Limewear, which is all but dead. Unless you feel like buying my Cafe Press shirts. (www.limewear.com And I also needed to mail in my rebate for my new mobile phone.

I bought the new V3 RAZR…because it looks so damned cool, and because all my friends really like it. Turns out it’s a pretty snifty phone. What I DIDN’T like was all the Cingular Branding on it. So, with the help of a few websites, I blasted the ROMs, and cleared out all that Cingular nonsense. Now I have pictures of my nephew where the logos used to be. I much prefer that.

Now I’m considering a case for it. Firethorn suggested this site for a case. Now, normally, I’m not a leather case kinda guy. I’m more a titanium/aircraft aluminum kinda guy. But these look so cool, I might just get myself one…once I get a job, that is. They’re kinda pricy.

I also walked by a fish market…something that I was pleased to find. I love fresh fish, and this place looked pretty serious. They said they’re selling sashimi-grade Ahi for $19.99/pound. Now…I don’t know about you, but that seems pretty good to me. Maybe I’ll try it out tomorrow…see how good it really is.

On Friday, DOA4 comes out. And I’m very excited about it. The truth is that if it weren’t for the downloadable games for the X360, it’d be kind of a wash of a launch. The titles just aren’t that great. If you don’t sports, and you don’t race, your options are limited to like five titles. And no, I’m not kidding. I’ll review a bunch of titles tomorrow…you can tell me how far off I am. But MS better get some more titles off the shelf in a hurry, or this launch is gonna lose momentum in a heartbeat. Christmas came and went, and there weren’t these huge “must have” articles on the X360 anywhere…not that you could have gotten one if you hadn’t planned for it.

I’m NOT unhappy with the system…I quite like it. A lot, really. But I wish there were more titles for the likes of me. RPGs, platformers, stuff like that. I don’t play sports games, and I don’t play first-person shooters on consoles.

Anyway, I’m gonna jump into the shower, then stretch out and read for a bit.