So anyway…

July 27, 2006

Mood: Really good.
Music: License To Kill, Gladys Knight
Game: A Tale In The Desert 3, Uno, TitanQuest, WoW (Yes, again…)
Book: Heretics of Dune, Frank Herbert
Watching: Deadwood.
Weather: 80, Sunny.

Friend Maria said I need to update my blog. So I am.

This past weekend it was about 100 degrees. That’s not an exaggeration, by the way. 102 on Saturday, high to mid-90s from Thursday to Monday. “Big deal,” you say. “It’s like that in NY every summer for weeks on end.” This is true…but it’s also true that in New York, everyone has air conditioning. In Seattle, most people/places don’t, as this sort of heat isn’t that common. In fact, it was the hottest four days in a row in Seattle for over 40 years this past weekend. Yeah, work is air conditioned…but my apartment isn’t.

Now, if you’ve been reading this for any serious length of time, you know that I don’t really deal well with heat…and this weekend was no exception. It was hot, uncomfortable, and I couldn’t sleep worth a damn. So I was a bit cranky this weekend, and this week as well. It’s starting to cool down to reasonable levels now. If this is as hot as it gets, and it only happens once a year, I can probably deal with it.

Next, I’ve started playing more WoW again. I’m playing on a PvP server with a bunch of the old Xbox Live fellas…and I’m enjoying it again. Which kinda reinforces my belief that I didn’t really burn out on the game…but on all the bullshit that came with playing with that group of people. This isn’t directed at the fellas, like Firethorn or Smitty or them…but everyone around them. And since those guys seem to be OK with dealing with the guild, I’m glad it works for them. Seeing as they want to do their thing with the guild, which largely revolves around raiding, I’m not really all that interested in soloing or grinding cash or whatever…and when I get asked to run an instance, it’s almost always with a bunch of people I consider to be loot whores. It’s not the priest thing that bothers me…it’s the lack of common goals. Since I no longer want the same things that the guild finds important, I don’t enjoy playing those characters that much.

So I moved servers to a PvP server, made an Alliance character, and am actually really enjoying seeing new places, new quests, and playing with friends again. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Overall, I’m still happy. Still like my job, still like Seattle, still happy….so…..

Lastly, today I was briefed on a media campaign for one of the three main christmas titles for the 360. I got to see clips, content, marketing materials, etc. How cool is my job?


Wow…he updated his blog!

July 9, 2006

Mood: Really good.
Music: Better Things, The Kinks
Game: A Tale In The Desert 3, Uno, TitanQuest, A beta….
Book: Nothing. Need a new book….
Watching: Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle.
Weather: 77, Partly Cloudy.

I keep meaning to update. I just set to do it, and then I just don’t.

Anyway, Chelsea’s off in Illinois this week, so I’m on my own with Kuma. I’ve got food, games, and a cat. That, plus work, should get me through until she’s back on Saturday.

I’ve been playing TitanQuest, which is a Diablo knockoff with slightly better storyline, much better music, nice graphics, and a vaguely interesting skill system, which isn’t class-based. I recommend it for those of you that have been jonesing for a Diablo-esque game.

I watched the France-Italy World Cup final. Not thrilled that Italy won, but whatever. I laughed out loud when I watched Zidane headbutt that Italian defender right in the chest. It was a two step run-in and WHAM. Guy ended up flat on his back. Yeah, probably a red card. Ya think?

I really need something to read. Maybe I’ll stop off at a bookstore on the way home from work tomorrow.

Work’s still going really well, still enjoying it.

I know that this is kinda blah and whatever…but hey…it’s pretty much why I haven’t written.

It’s funny. When I don’t have anything to complain about and I’m happy, I feel like I have nothing to say in my blog. Is that weird?