Pull over!

Mood: Really Happy..
Music: Dear God, Sarah McLachlan.
Game: Rock Band (360), Call of Duty 4 (PC), Assassin’s Creed (360), Hellgate London (PC), Ratchet and Clank (PS3), MMO Beta (PC)
Book: Looking for a book again…
Watching: Blade Runner, 25th Anniversary Edition (BluRay)
Weather: Cold, Clear

When you work in marketing/design, things like this definitely make you laugh out loud.

Silverlight training is over. I’d forgotten how much I miss coding. I really do like it…even if it doesn’t pay that well, the hours suck, and you’re constantly being hammered over timelines.

Have a long weekend this week, so I’m looking forward to getting some sleep, playing some serious game, and generally chilling.


One Response to Pull over!

  1. Catspit says:

    Pick 4! I need to know; are you grilling outside with trees, or inside on electrons?

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