Levels of Rage…Rising…

September 18, 2008

Thanks to the lovely and talented wife for the title of this post. She says it when I’ve obliviously done something suitably bone-headed…just to remind me of the thin ice on which I might currently be walking. It’s actually hysterical when she says it…or more commonly leaves it as a message on my machine when I was supposed to meet her 10 minutes ago and I’m blithely typing away on my laptop at work and didn’t hear my mobile phone ring.

Anyway, I find myself getting angrier and angrier at the entire election campaign. I remember when two politicians actually debated issues…whether they would be tough on the Soviets…whether they believed in space exploration…whether they felt nuclear power was a viable energy alternative.

Instead, while the Dow is plummeting hundreds of points a day, while two of the big four investment firms are declaring bankruptcy, while the government is bailing out AIG for almost 100 billion dollars, we have politicians spouting mock offense about perceived personal insults.

Don’t even get me started on Palin’s response to the AIG bailout. The sum total of her analysis? “Too bad taxpayers have to fund it.” Really? How about “My party is sorry that we’ve spent the last thirty years passing laws that created an environment that allowed investment banks and insurance companies to risk people’s life savings with impunity.”

Nah. Instead, we get “Don’t worry! I’m not like the rest of the republicans! Even though I voted with them on all of those bills and laws! Now I’m serious about cleaning up Washington!”

You weren’t before? Awesome….

Anyway, I’ve been spending a lot more time pinging/twittering. It’s pretty much taken over my blog as my spouting to the world.

Oh, I’m not quitting blogging…I’m just spending more time twittering. So if you’re looking for your dose o’ Glenn more frequently, you can follow me as justicar @ twitter!

See ya there!


You, too, might be a Vice-presidential Candidate!

September 4, 2008

Politics is a strange thing.

After hearing/reading Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech, one is seriously left to wonder how little qualification you need to be Vice-President of the United States.

The woman spent the vast majority of her time talking about how qualified McCain was, or the lack of qualifications that Obama has…as if somehow SHE was qualified to make amy sort of assessment.

I suppose the rigorous training of being a runner-up Miss Alaska, or erstwhile sportscaster, magically transforms you into some sort of political sooperpundit, capable of providing witty, insightful political commentary.

Frankly, kids, if I were in her shoes, I’d have tried to come across as competent. Talked about the challenges of being a small town mayor…or of being a governor in a state of a diverse populace, with unique challenges. Nah… She’s a Republican at a convention…which means she gets to be sarcastic, and be what effectively amounts to being a dick…all without ever having even the slightest idea of what it takes to hold the position for which she’s been nominated.

McCain is 72 years old. At last count, the average life expectancy of a Vietnam Vet with cancer and a heart condition is somewhere south of that.

Could you listen to Palin’s speech last night and say “Yeah, I’d want her as my president?”

Closing thought: If you think there’s no way she’ll ever make it to the Vice-Presidency, I offer two scary words: Dan Quayle.