In London…

Staying in a way too trendy hotel…

You know the type…trance in the lobby and elevators, large LCD panels in the lobby showing fronds of waving bamboo….

Anyway, the bed was pretty comfy, excellent shower pressure, and I hate to admit I like the ambient mood lighting that I can set to whatever color I like that also underlights the translucent stone desktop.

Waiting in the lobby right now for my co-worker so we can grab some breakfast before heading into the office.

Actually looking forward to working in London again. I like the tone, pace…and the expressions and accents are all comfortingly familiar.

In the cab on the way to the hotel, headed over the Hammersmith Bypass, passing that ludicrous “ark” building, my brain was saying, “then you’ll turn left at the Tesco, so you can head north to Hampstead, where you live…almost home….”

Funny, that. Haven’t lived in London since 2001…but in a way, it’s still very familiar….


One Response to In London…

  1. Catspit says:

    Time for some Caffreys mate. FisneffinChips. Although decent fishnchips doesn’t exist south of watford Gap.

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